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DPF Removal Kent

Phantom Tuning offers effective solutions to DPF problems. The Diesel Particulate Filter is a device that prevents the release of soot and particulate matter (PM) into the atmosphere. As it is designed to reduce pollution, recent regulations have meant that it is illegal to have the DPF device removed from your vehicle if it has already been fitted with one, unless it is for off road only. To discuss your options and to see how Phantom Tuning can help to provide solutions to your DPF issues, contact us today.

How does a DPF work?

The function of a DPF filter is to remove soot and other particulate matter out of the exhaust gases and so reduce the amount of pollution released into the atmosphere. It does so through an automatic process known as Regeneration. Regeneration occurs when the DPF has been allowed to reach a high enough temperature as the engine warms. The soot is then combusted, removing it from the DPF filter.

What causes a DPF Blockage and what can I do about it?

The problem with DPFs is that they are liable to become blocked if this optimum temperature is not reached, which results in incomplete combustion of the soot. This means that it will have to be cleaned more often in order to avoid expensive problems associated with buildup. Phantom Tuning offers a DPF cleaning solution, that counters this issue and will prolong the life of your DPF. If the DPF blockage is irreparable, you may have to purchase a new DPF at great cost.

How can a DPF Removal help?

There are instances where a DPF clean is simply not enough. In situations like these, undergoing a DPF removal can significantly improve the engine performance and fuel economy of your vehicle. The choice is yours as to whether you think the benefits outweigh the risks. If you are set on a DPF removal, or to find out how much it will cost, contact Phantom Tuning.

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