Vehicle Remapping for Fleets

Chip Tuning Kent

If you are growing concerned about the fuel consumption of your fleet of vans or other vehicles, you may be wondering whether vehicle remapping can help. ECU remapping or chip tuning as it is otherwise known is becoming an increasingly popular method of increasing power and improving the fuel economy of many kinds of modern vehicles. Phantom Tuning offer ECU remapping in Kent, along with a range of other services, including DPF solutions and EGR delete or removal.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

One of the main concerns for a van fleet manager is the amount of fuel consumption for each vehicle in the fleet. One of the best ways to combat this, besides stop-start technology and introducing speed limitations, is to consider reprogramming the engine through the engine control unit.

In situations where reducing fuel consumption is important, it is possible to have an ECU remap carried out specifically to improve fuel economy and fuel usage. Manufacturers will often have to account for a wide range of varying altitudes, fuel qualities and driving conditions when designing their vehicles. Although this is a sensible approach, fine tuning your engine for better performance and for improved fuel economy is a viable and worthwhile method of ensuring that you are getting the most out of your fleet.

The entire ECU Remap procedure does not take long and will not affect the hardware of your vehicle. And the good news is that In as soon as three months after the remap, it has been reported that this can result in savings of up to 20%!

ECU Remapping Cost

The overall cost of ECU remapping is dependent upon the number of vans in your fleet that you are looking to remap. Furthermore, the cost can also depend on the make and model of your vehicle and what you are seeking to achieve. The best way to make sure of the price is to contact Phantom Tuning for a quotation.

Factors to Bear in Mind

Undergoing an ECU remap may affect the warranty of your vehicle, so it is best to check with the manufacturer if this is something that worries you.

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