What Is The Best Car To Remap? Top 10 Cars To Remap

The Best Cars To Remap!

We all know how much you guys love your cars. Whether it be a daily driver, a track machine or a weekend warrior, cars are great. At Phantom Tuning, we remap all kinds of vehicles from Audi RS6’s all the way to Ford Transits. In this article, we’ll answer the question: What is the best car to remap?

Most manufacturers use the same engines in their vehicles and simply apply different software for different models.  They do this to save money on research and development. By only creating a limited number of engines with decent performance output, they can restrict engine performance in accordance with the price tag, drivetrain capabilities, target audience and vehicle use requirements. What they don’t tell you is what the engine is capable of! We’re going to uncover some of the best cars to have remapped based on their % of performance increase.

Popular Cars At Phantom Tuning

BMW 114i, 116i, 118i & 120i –  1 Series F Chassis – 1.6T Petrol (2011-2015)

BMW 1 Series Remap

The BMW 1 series F chassis has arguably one of the best modern small engines. The 1 series line-up, produced in 2011 utilised a 1.6t unit. This unit was used in the 114i, 116i, 118i & 120i. As you can see, all of the models in this line-up have the same power outputs post-remap. The 1 series F chassis is our most popular car to remap at Phantom Tuning.


Power: 102BHP-220BHP 115% Increase

Torque: 180NM-310NM 72% Increase


Power: 136BHP-220BHP 61% Increase

Torque: 220NM-310NM 40% Increase


Power: 170BHP-220BHP 29% Increase

Torque: 250NM-310NM 24% Increase


Power: 184BHP-220BHP 19% Increase

Torque: 270NM-310NM 15% Increase

BMW 116d – 1 Series F Chassis – 2.0T Diesel (2011-2015)

Another awesome engine produced by the giants BMW. This 2-litre diesel engine is heavily detuned by the manufacturer.


Which Car Remaps Best?

Power: 117BHP-190BHP 62% Increase

Torque: 260NM-400NM 53% Increase

Ford Fiesta EcoBoost – 1.0T Petrol (2014-2017)

The 1.0 EcoBoost 3 cylinder engine won many awards. Ford had produced the most powerful 3 cylinder unit used in a commercially available car. The Fiesta’s version of the EcoBoost has a cast iron block, meaning it can handle a little more power. Another very popular car with us!

Ford Fiesta Remap

Power: 140BHP-175BHP 25% Increase

Torque: 210NM-277NM 32% Increase


Vauxhall Corsa – 1.4T Petrol (2015-Present* *2018)

This is another example of an engine being used in multiple cars. The GM 1.4T engine is used in the Astra and Corsa models to name a few. The Corsa version is heavily restricted at the factory.

Vauxhall Corsa Remap

Power: 100BHP-170BHP 70% Increase

Torque: 200NM-270NM 35% Increase


Audi RS6 – 4.0 Twin Turbo Petrol (2014-Present* *2018)

The beast that is the Audi RS6 shares its engine with the RS7. This powerhouse of a V8 has phenomenal outputs post-map. Giving it more power than a Lamborghini Huracan and enough torque to cause an earthquake.

Audi RS6 Remap

Power: 562BHP-680BHP 20% Increase

Torque: 700NM-900NM 28% Increase


Honourable Mentions

BMW M5 – F10 Chassis – 4.4 Twin Turbo Petrol (2011-2017)

Power: 559BHP-680BHP 21% Increase

Torque: 680NM-850NM 25% Increase


Ford Transit Custom – 2.2T Diesel (2013-Present* *2018)

Power: 100BHP-180BHP 80% Increase

Torque: 280NM-420NM 50% Increase


Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 – 2.1T Diesel (2014-Present* *2018)

Power: 95BHP-180BHP 80% Increase

Torque: 250NM-400NM 60% Increase


VolksWagen Golf GTI – MK7 – 2.0T Petrol (2012-Present* *2018)

Power: 230BHP-300BHP 30% Increase

Torque: 350NM-440NM 25% Increase


Bently Mulsanne – 6.8 Twin Turbo Petrol (2016-Present* *2018)

Power: 537BHP-700BHP 30% Increase

Torque: 1100NM-1400NM 27% Increase


In all honesty, there isn’t one ‘best car to remap’. There are lots of them! You can find out how much BHP & torque your car would gain by using the calculator on our Kent homepage or if you’re in Bedfordshire, use this calculator. You can even get a quote by clicking ‘Request More Information’.

If you can think of any other cars that we may have missed to add to this list just let us know! We’ll do our best to keep this post updated.